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2019-2020 University Catalog 
2019-2020 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Aging Studies Program

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Program Coordinator

Laura Zettel-Watson

Program Office/Website

Humanities 424

Program Council

Susan Cadwallader (Marketing), Barbara Cherry (Psychology), Barbra Erikson (Anthropology), Koren Fisher (Kinesiology), Kristin Kleinjans (Economics), Melanie Horn Mallers (Human Services), Mary Read (Counseling), Debra Rose (Director, Center for Successful Aging), Eriko Self (Psychology), Kathleen Wilson (Kinesiology), Karen Wong (Sociology and Gerontology), Laura Zettel-Watson (Psychology)

Gerontology-Affiliated Faculty

Cheryl Alvarez (Aging Studies), David Cherin (Social Work), John Doyle (Human Services), Karen Fazio (Health Sciences and Aging Studies), Sara Johnson (Anthropology), Sang June Oh (Mechanical Engineering), Nilay Patel (Biological Science), Jennifer Piazza (Health Sciences), Carter Rakovski (Sociology), Carl Renold (Human Services), Adam Roberts (Psychology), Nina Robson (Mechanical Engineering), Rose Sakamoto (Nursing), James Santucci (Comparative Religion), Parvin Shahrestani (Biological Science), Chandra Srinivasan (Biochemistry), Dominick Sturz (Health Sciences), Stephanie Vaughn (Nursing), Eileen Walsh (Sociology)


Gerontology, the study of aging, is a multidisciplinary field that examines the biological, psychological, social and health/fitness aspects of the aging process. The unprecedented growth of the older population has created a growing demand for professionals in a variety of fields who understand issues related to the aging process.

Programs in Aging Studies provide students with knowledge and critical understanding of the processes of adult development and aging. They prepare students for a variety of career opportunities in business, government, industry, public and private agencies, health and human services, research and education, and entrepreneurial endeavors. Many career options involve working with healthy and independent older adults, while other positions involve working with older adults who have health problems and other age-related limitations.

Degree Description

The Master of Science in Gerontology is designed to provide a comprehensive learning environment, rich with research and practice opportunities, to produce outstanding gerontologists who meet the needs of the aging population. The program’s cross-disciplinary course of study provides students with the knowledge, skills and critical thinking tools to appreciate and address diverse concerns of adult development and aging. Coursework and internships provide students with a strong foundation in applied and theoretical gerontology, with an emphasis on biological, psychological and social aspects of aging, as well as ethical and cultural considerations of aging. The program prepares students for leadership careers in practice, education, research, advocacy or policy.

Learning Goals and Student Learning Outcomes

Programs and Courses Offered


    Master of ScienceNon-Degree


      Aging Studies

      Courses are designated as AGST in the class schedule.

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