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2019-2020 University Catalog 
2019-2020 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Prefix and Course Index

ACCT Accounting   Accounting ACCT
AFAM African American Studies   African American Studies AFAM
AGNG Aging Studies   Aging Studies AGNG
AMST American Studies   American Studies AMST
ANTH Anthropology   Anthropology ANTH
ARAB Arabic   Arabic ARAB
ART Art   Art ART
ARTE Art Education   Art Education ARTE
ASAM Asian American Studies   Asian American Studies ASAM
ASTR Astronomy   Astronomy ASTR
BIOL Biological Science   Biological Science BIOL
BUAD Business Administration   Business Administration BUAD
CAS Child and Adolescent Studies   Chemistry and Biochemistry CHEM
CHEM Chemistry and Biochemistry   Chicana/Chicano Studies CHIC
CHIC Chicana/Chicano Studies   Child and Adolescent Studies CAS
CHIN Chinese   Chinese CHIN
COMM Communications   Cinema and Television Arts CTVA
COUN Counseling   Civil and Environmental Engineering EGCE
CPLT Comparative Literature   Communications COMM
CPSC Computer Science   Comparative Literature CPLT
CRJU Criminal Justice   Computer Engineering EGCP
CTVA Cinema and Television Arts   Computer Science CPSC
DANC Dance   Counseling COUN
ECON Economics   Criminal Justice CRJU
EDAD Educational Administration   Dance DANC
EDD Education Doctoral   Economics ECON
EDEL Elementary and Bilingual Education   Educational Administration EDAD
EDSC Secondary Education   Education Doctoral EDD
EGCE Civil and Environmental Engineering   Electrical Engineering EGEE
EGCP Computer Engineering   Elementary and Bilingual Education EDEL
EGEE Electrical Engineering   English ENGL
EGME Mechanical Engineering   Environmental Studies ENST
ENGL English   European Studies EUST
ENST Environmental Studies   Finance FIN
EUST European Studies   Foreign Language Education FLED
FIN Finance   French FREN
FLED Foreign Language Education   Geography GEOG
FREN French   Geological Sciences GEOL
GEOG Geography   German GRMN
GEOL Geological Sciences   History HIST
GRMN German   Human Communication Studies HCOM
HCOM Human Communication Studies   Human Services HUSR
HIST History   Information Systems and Decision Sciences ISDS
HUSR Human Services   Instructional Design and Technology IDT
IDT Instructional Design and Technology   Italian ITAL
ISDS Information Systems and Decision Sciences   Japanese JAPN
ITAL Italian   Kinesiology KNES
JAPN Japanese   Korean KORE
KNES Kinesiology   Latin American Studies LTAM
KORE Korean   Liberal Studies LBST
LBST Liberal Studies   Linguistics LING
LING Linguistics   Literacy and Reading Education READ
LTAM Latin American Studies   Management MGMT
MAED Mathematics Education   Marketing MKTG
MATH Mathematics   Mathematics MATH
MGMT Management   Mathematics Education MAED
MKTG Marketing   Mechanical Engineering EGME
MLSC Military Science   Military Science MLSC
MSW Social Work   Music MUS
MUS Music   Music Education MUSE
MUSE Music Education   Nursing NURS
NURS Nursing   Persian PERS
PERS Persian   Philosophy PHIL
PHIL Philosophy   Physics PHYS
PHYS Physics   Political Science POSC
PORT Portuguese   Portuguese PORT
POSC Political Science   Psychology PSYC
PUBH Public Health   Public Health PUBH
PSYC Psychology   Religious Studies RLST
READ Literacy and Reading Education   Science Education SCED
RLST Religious Studies   Secondary Education EDSC
SCED Science Education   Spanish SPAN
SOCI Sociology   Social Work MSW
SPAN Spanish   Sociology SOCI
SPED Special Education   Special Education SPED
TESL Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages   Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages TESL
THED Theatre Education   Theatre THTR
THTR Theatre   Theatre Education THED
VIET Vietnamese   Vietnamese VIET
WGST Women and Gender Studies   Women and Gender Studies WGST