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2023-2024 University Catalog 
2023-2024 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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Secondary Education, Department of

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Department Chair

Mark Ellis

Department Office/Website

College Park 600


Debra Ambrosetti, Minerva Chávez, Grace Cho, Victoria Brookhart Costa, Alison Dover, Mark Ellis, Maria Grant, Nick Henning, Kira LeeKeenan, Antoinette Linton, Fernando Rodriguez-Valls, Kristen Shand, Chris Street, William Toledo, Gavin Tierney, Patrice Waller


The mission of the Department of Secondary Education is to develop single subject school teachers with the knowledge and skills to create humanizing educational spaces that promote a sense of belonging and agency in which all students have opportunities to engage in rigorous, meaningful learning. The department is committed to providing an approach to teaacher development that reflects the culturally and linguistically diverse contexts of secondary schools and models a professional community where learning is inclusive, interactive and connected with one’s sense of identity. its philosophy is to prepare educational leaders through a course of study that bases practice upon knowledge of current research in curriculum and instruction. Sudents develop into life-long learners, reflective practitioners and change agents who have the ability to creatively, strategically and effectively collaborate with colleagues, communities and students themselves to promote more inclusive, equitable and just classrooms and schools.

Degree Description

Upon completion of the Master of Science in Transformative Teaching in Secondary Education, graduate students, including middle and high school teachers, will have upgraded their teaching skills, become informed about new ideas in secondary teaching and will be well prepared to take on leadership roles in public and private schools. Whereas coursework in the credential program focuses on knowledge and skills necessary for a beginning teacher, the graduate program allows students to extend their knowledge and deepen their skills in leadership, curriculum design, linguistically and culturally sustaining teaching, instructional and assessment strategies, integration of technology and reflection skills. Additionally, the cohort-based model of the program enables a true learning community in which to grow as a professional. The WASC-accredited program is taught by full-time graduate faculty members with significant K-12 and university teaching experiences. As such, all learning experiences blend theory with practice. Successful candidates are able to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and dispositions through one of several culminating experience options, including curriculum development, action research, writing an article for publication, or applying for National Board Certification.

Learning Goals and Student Learning Outcomes

Programs and Courses Offered


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      Secondary Education

      Courses are designated as EDSC in the class schedule.

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