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2022-2023 University Catalog 
2022-2023 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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Liberal Studies, Department of

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Department Chair

April Bullock

Department Office/Website

Humanities 230


April Bullock, Mark Fischer, Joseph Gonzalez, Margaret Garber, Kevin Lambert, Craig McConnell, Andrea Patterson, Angeles Sancho-Velazquez, Saul Tobias


Liberal Studies is an interdisciplinary program that integrates ideas from the humanities and arts, the natural sciences, and the social sciences. Its central core course sequence traces the historical development of these areas of knowledge in their intellectual and cultural contexts from antiquity to the present. The other core courses compare and contrast the methods and underlying assumptions of the humanities and arts, the natural sciences, and the social sciences, explore the ways in which these disciplines communicate, and deepen knowledge in selected areas. The critical thinking and communication skills these courses develop provide students with the self-confidence that comes from being able to express one’s ideas clearly and effectively both orally and in writing. The core courses use a combination of lecture, discussion, and seminar to make the students not only well-rounded and well-educated persons but also more independent thinkers and more creative human beings.

The major in Liberal Studies is designed for students who desire the broadest possible liberal education as a preparation for teaching all subjects in the elementary school classroom, becoming a special education teacher, an alternative approach to careers in business, a preparation for entry into professional schools in the health sciences, law, ministry, etc., a means of obtaining specific occupational requirements that cannot be met by coursework in a single department, and a source of personal growth and development.

Degree Description

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies offers an interdisciplinary education in the arts and humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, together with rigorous training in critical thinking and argumentative writing. It thus establishes a secure foundation for any profession that requires general knowledge and prizes independent and creative thought. The program’s graduates have been successful in education, law, management, non-profit, and various entrepreneurial activities. Liberal Studies very effectively prepares students to obtain a multiple subject teaching credential and to pursue a variety of graduate degrees. Forming a diverse community and taking multiple perspectives, Liberal Studies students become well-rounded persons and life-long learners.

Learning Goals and Student Learning Outcomes

Programs and Courses Offered


    Bachelor of ArtsNon-Degree


      Liberal Studies

      Courses are designated as LBST in the class schedule.

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