Jul 25, 2024  
2024-2025 University Catalog 
2024-2025 University Catalog


Executive Division

Sylvia Alva, Interim President
     Elva Rubalcava, Chief of Staff
          Sandy Quintero, Presidential Assistant
          Sara Mouw, Assistant to the Chief of Staff
          Linh Tran, Financial Manager
          Ana Domingo, University House Manager and Events Coordinator
          Daniela Guerrero, Front Office Administrative Assistant
     Su Swarat, Senior Associate Vice President, Institutional Effectiveness and Planning
          Noha Abdou, Director, Institutional Research
          Yessica De La Torre Roman, Associate Director, Assessment 

Office of the Provost and Division of Academic Affairs

Amir Dabirian, Provost and Vice President, Academic Affairs
     Robin Crew, Chief of Operations
          Gabby Burns, Director, Project Management
          Tiffany Zanias, Manager, Human Resources and Special Projects Manager
     Alyssa Adamson, Assistant Vice President, Academic Resources
          Jacki Drumm, Director, Academic Scheduling and Space Management
     Bonnie Li Victorino, Director, Academic Resources and Fiscal Operations
     Debra Leahy, Associate Vice President, International Programs
Megan Lonski, Repatriation Coordinator
     Stephen Stambough, Academic Affairs Adviros, Academic Outreach and Faculty Advisor
     Eileen Walsh, Associate Vice President, Undergraduate Academic Programs
     Yuying Tsong, Associate Vice President, Student Academic Support
   Mark Carrier, Executive Director, Faculty Affairs and Records
   Binod Tiwari, Associate Vice President, Research and Sponsored Projects
     Vacant, Deputy Provost
  Shelly Hsu, University Registrar
  Sara Martinez, Associate Registrar
        Sean Mack, Assistant Registrar
 Karen McKinley, Executive Director, Extension
  Sharon Ting, Director Budget, Finance and Resource Planning
          Raymond Venegas, Director, IT
        Deborah Vengco, Director, Marketing and Enrollment
          Gail Wright, Associate Director, Degree and Postbac Programs
        Vacant, Director, Academic Credit Program
     Vacant, Executive Director, Black Student Academic Success
     James “JC” Cavitt, Executive Director, Project Rebound


Eric Hanson, Dean
     John Hickok, Chair    
     Michael DeMars, Associate Dean, Public Service
     Deborah Douglas, Academic Resource Manager
     Wendy Vermeer, Associate Dean, Collections and Scholarly Communications

Academic Programs

Eileen Walsh, Associate Vice President, Academic Programs
     Merri Lynn Casem, Assistant Vice President for Undergraduate Studies and General Education
          Greg Childers, Director, General Education
     Aimee Nelson, Interim Executive Director, Graduate Studies
          Sarah Hill, Director, Graduate Studies
     Greg Dyment, Director, Arboretum and Botanical Garden at Cal State Fullerton
Greg Pongetti, Collections Curator
     Vacant, Administrative Manager, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
     Kathleen Preston, Director, Faculty Development Center

International Programs

Debra Leahy, Vice President, International Programs
     Christine Pircher-Barnes, Director, Strategic International Recruitment and Enrollment Management
          Jean Hotta, Associate Director, International Student Services
          Shari Merrill, Associate Director, Study Abroad
     Sandy Wong, Director, Administration and Operations

Research and Sponsored Projects

Binod Tiwari, Associate Vice President, Research and Sponsored Projects
      Myrna Weber, Director, Grants and Contracts
      Yolanda Uzzell, Manager, Research Development
      Nicole Bonuso, Director, Undergraduate Research Opportunity Center

Student Academic Support

Yuying Tsong, Associate Vice President, Student Success
     Stacy Mallicoat, Director, University Honors Program
     Trista O’Connell, Director, Supplemental Instruction and University Learning Center
     Farifteh Shahbazian, Director, Academic Advising, Operations and Innovations
     Marina Zarate, Director, Academic Advising,Training and Professional Development, Undeclared and Academic Advising Center

Administration and Finance

Alexander Porter, Vice President, Administration and Finance/Chief Financial Officer
     Lupe Briseño, Executive Assistant to the Vice President
     Cindy Merida, Director, Audit Services and Coordination
     Christine Muriel, Chief of Operations
     Hector Ramierez, Director, Administrative Services

Auxiliary Services Corp. (ASC)

Chuck Kissel, Executive Director/CEO, ASC
     Kimberly Ball, Director, Titan Shops
     Cindy Dowling, Director, Property Development
     Anthony Lynch, Senior Division Director, and Contract Administrator
     Mike Marcinkevicz, Director, Information Technology

Capital Programs and Facilities Management

Sarab Singh, Associate Vice President, Administration and Finance
     Madison Grater, Director, Business and Administrative Services
     Leo Lopez, Director, Environmental Health and Safety
     Michael Lotito, Chief Engineer /Associate Director, Plant Operations
     John Ramirez, Senior Director, Facilities Management
     Laura Riegler, Director, Planning, Design and Construction

Financial Services

Laleh Graylee, Senior Associate Vice President
     Joe Lipnisky, Senior Director, Budget Operations and Systems
     Alex Rosales, Associate Director, Contracts and Procurement
     Michael Au-Yeung, University Controller

University Services

Kristen Jasko,Assistant Vice President
     Mark Rudometkin, Senior Director, Parking and Transportation
     Annie Ekshian, Director, Logistical Services and Asset Management
     Scott Stow, Manager, Events, Facilities Use and Filming

University Police

Anthony Frisbee, Chief of Police
     Robert Mullaney, Lieutenant, Operations
     Scot Willey, Captain, Administrative Services
     Abby Holmen, Emergency Preparedness and Mission Continuity Manager

Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion 

David Forgues, Vice President, Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion
     Arlene Gutierrez, Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion
     Tara Garcia, Chief of Operations, Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion
     John Beisner, Executive Director, Risk Management and Compliance
     Phenicia McCullough, Associate Vice President, Human Resources Services
     Cecil Chik, Assistant Vice President, Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Programs
     Michelle Tapper, Assistant Vice President, Labor and Employee Relations

Information Technology

Rommel Hidalgo, Vice President, Information Technology/Chief Information Officer
     Nene Williams, Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Information Technology
     Matthew Badal, Chief of Operations
     Willie Peng, Associate Vice President for Information Technology/Academic Technology Services
     Joe Luzzi, Assistant Vice President for Enterprise Applications
     Jay Lin, Assistant Vice President for Information Technology/Infrastructure Services Technology Services

Student Affairs

Tonantzin Oseguera, Vice President for Student Affairs
    Chelsea Strohm, Executive Assistant to the Vice President
    Chalea Forgues, Chief of Operations
    Rob Scialdone, Assistant Vice President for Resource, Budget and Planning

Associated Students Inc.

Dave Edwards, Executive Director
     Keya Allen, Associate Executive Director
     Kathleen Postal, Chief Financial Officer
     Andrea Okoh, Director, Human Resources
     Jeff Fehrn, Chief of Operational Organizations
     Kristen Stava, Director, Titan Student Union
     Rebecca Hesgard, Director, Student Government
     Lydia Palacios, Director, Children’s Center
     JP Gale, Director, Student Recreation Center


James Donovan, Director of Athletics  
     Greg Paules, Senior Associate Director of Athletics
     Kyle Burnett, Assistant Director of Athletics, Sports Medicine
     Allyson Kelly, Director of Athletics Academic Services
Sara Perry, Assistant Athletic Director, Chief Financial Officer
     Jenn McGhen, Assistant Director of Athletics, Tickets and Marketing
     Tim Jackson, Assistant Director of Athletics, Broadcasting
     Jeff Gilstrap, Senior Director of Development, Athletics
     Michael Perez, Faculty Athletics Representative

College Access and Career Pathways

Elizabeth Zavala-Acevez, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs
     Jessica Barco, Assistant Vice President
     Adriana Badillo, Director, Center for Educational Partnerships
     Dawn Macy, Director, Center for Internships and Community Engagement
     Jennifer Mojarro, Director, Titan Orientation Programs, Outreach and Recruitment
     Sharnette Underdue, Director, Admissions
     Stefanie Reyes, Director, Career Center

Identity and Belonging

Martha Enciso, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs
Cameron Cook, Director, Veterans Resource Center and the Transfer, Adult, Parenting and Pregnant Students Center
     Yvania Garcia, Director, Diversity Initiatives and Resource Centers
     Allyson Kelly, Director, Athletic Academic Services
     Fredy Torres, Director, Educational Opportunity Program
     Alyssa Hernandez, Director, Student Support Services
     Felipe Martinez, Director, Center for Scholars

Wellness and Engagement

Vincent E. Vigil, Senior Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
     Kafele Khalfani, Director, Housing and Residential Engagement
     Alisa Flowers, Director, Student Life and Leadership
     Sarah Bauer, Title IX Director, Title IX and Gender Equity
     Mary Becerra, Director, Student Health Services
     Laura Czajkowski, Director, Disability Support Services
     Jamie Sheehan, Director, Counseling and Psychological Services
     Carmen Curiel, Associate Dean of Students/Director, Care Services
     Donna Budar-Turner, Associate Dean of Students/Director, Student Conduct
     Victoria Ajemian, Director, Basic Needs Services
     Marlene Romero, Director,Care Services

University Advancement

Kimberly Shiner, Vice President, University Advancement and Executive Director, Philanthropic Foundation
     Stefanie A. Light, Chief of Operations, University Advancement and Board Secretary, Philanthropic Foundation
     Carlos Leija, Associate Vice President, College and Program Development
     Todd Frandsen, Associate Vice President, Central Development
     Ellen Treanor, Associate Vice President, Strategic Communications and Brand Management
     Jason Ono, Assistant Vice President, UA Administration and Finance and CFO, Philanthropic Foundation
     Annie Yea,  Associate Vice President, Government and Community Relations
     William Cole, Assistant Vice President, Alumni Engagement

College of the Arts

Arnold Holland, Dean 
     Dave Mickey, Associate Dean
     Julie Bussell, Manager, Marketing and Patron Services
     Jennifer Frias, Gallery Director
     Bonnie Li Victorino, Academic Resource Manager
     John Spiak, Director, Grand Central Arts Center/Chief Curator

Art Department

Michelle Murillo, Chair

School of Music

Randall Goldberg, Director

Theatre and Dance Department

Kathryn Wilson, Chair

College of Business and Economics

Sridhar Sundaram, Dean
     Michael Bertetto, Director, Marketing and Communication
     Michael Daniel, Regional Director, Lead Small Business Development Center
     Sabrina Roche, Academic Resource Manager
     Sunil Thomas, Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs and Department Staff
     Courtney Watts, Executive Director, Graduate Programs and Non-Degree Programs
     Yi “Jenny” Zhang, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs and Student Success
          Kate Guerrero, Director, Business Career Services
          Diane Mazzey, Director, Business Advising Center

School of Accountancy 

Vivek Mande, Director

Economics Department

Radha Bhattacharya, Chair

Finance Department

Weili Lu, Chair

Information Systems and Decision Sciences Department

Rahul Bhaskar, Chair

Management Department

Rommel Salvador, Chair

Marketing Department

Chiranjeev Kihli, Chair

College of Communications

Bey-Ling Sha, Dean
     Cylor Spaulfing Associate Dean

Cinema and Television Arts Department

Garrett Hart, Chair

Communication Sciences and Disorders Department

HyeKyeung Seung, Chair

Communications Department

Jason Shepard, Chair

Human Communication Studies Department

Zac Johnson, Chair

College of Education

Lisa Kirtman, Dean
     Kim Case, Associate Dean     
     Aimee Nelson, Director, Center for Careers in Teaching

Educational Leadership Department

Ioakim Boutakidis, Chair

Elementary and Bilingual Education Department

Michelle Brye, Chair

Instructional Design and Technology Program

Cynthia Gautreau, Director

Literacy and Reading Education Department

Rosario Ordonez-Jasis, Chair

Secondary Education Department

Mark Ellis, Chair

Special Education Department

Jennifer Chandler, Chair

College of Engineering and Computer Science

Susamma Barua, Dean
     Sang June Oh, Associate Dean
     Kiran George, Associate Dean, Graduate Programs, Faculty Research and Innovation

Civil and Environmental Engineering Department

Phoolendra Mishra, Chair

Computer Science Department

Chang Hyun Jo, Chair

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

Jidong Huang, Chair

Environmental Engineering Program

Garrett Struckhoff, Coordinator

Mechanical Engineering Department

Chean Chin Ngo, Chair

Software Engineering Program

Christopher Ryu, Coordinator

College of Health and Human Development

Katherine Bono, Dean
     Ivan Munguia, Academic Resource Manager
     Lisa Lopez, Associate Dean
     Kavin Tsang, Associate Dean, Academic Programs

Child and Adolescent Studies Department

Janna Kim, Chair

Counseling Department

Matt Englar-Carlson, Chair

Human Services Department

Joe Albert Garcia, Chair

Kinesiology Department

Joao Barros, Chair

Military Science Program

Scott Sparrow, Chair

Public Health Department

Michele Wood, Chair

School of Nursing

Penny Weismuller, Director

Social Work Department

Michelle Martin, Chair

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Jessica Stern, Dean
     Natalie Graham, Associate Dean for Faculty
     Laura Gil-Trejo, Director, Social Science Research Center
     Carl Wendt, Associate Dean, Student Relations 
     Pat Balderas, Manager, Financial Resources
     Gennie Hardy, Administrative Resources Manager

African American Studies Department

Siobhan Brooks, Chair

Aging Studies Program

Laura Zettel-Watson, Coordinator

American Studies Department

Carrie Lane, Chair

Anthropology Division

Sarah Grant, Coordinator of Cultural Anthropology
Elizabeth Pillsworth, Coordinator of Evolutionary Anthropology
Edward Knell, Coordinator of Archaeology 

Asian American Studies Department

Eric Reyes, Chair

Chicana and Chicano Studies Department

Eddy Francisco Alvarez Jr., Chair

English, Comparative Literature and Linguistics Department

Irina Praitis, Chair

Environmental Studies Program

Elaine Lewinnek, Coordinator

Geography and the Environment Department

Zia Salim, Chair

History Department

Lisa Tran, Chair

Latin American Studies Program

Juan R. Ishikawa, Coordinator

Liberal Studies Department

April Bullock, Chair

Modern Languages and Literatures Department

Nathan Carr, Chair

Philosophy Department

Ryan Nichols, Chair

Politics, Administration and Justice Division

Phillip Kopp, Chair

Psychology Department

Jessie Peissig, Chair

Religious Studies Department

Zakyi Ibrahim, Chair

Sociology Department

Michael Perez Chair

Women and Gender Studies Department

Karyl Ketchum, Chair

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Marie Johnson, Dean
     Sean Walker, Associate Dean
     Deborah Douglas, Academic Resource Manager

Biological Science Department

Amybeth Cohen, Chair

Chemistry and Biochemistry Department

Nicholas Salzameda, Chair

Geological Sciences Department

Adam Woods, Chair

Mathematics Department

Adam Glesser, Chair

Physics Department

Ionel Tifrea, Chair