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2020-2021 University Catalog 
2020-2021 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Spanish, M.A.

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(30 UNITS)

Master of Arts in Spanish

The Master of Arts in Spanish is a practical program in that Spanish is the second-most spoken language in the U.S., and the need for bilingual professionals will continue to grow in today’s interactive world. Career opportunities are available for those who plan to teach or work in a number of fields, including international business, travel and diplomacy, as well as for those who want to pursue doctoral studies. The degree also provides an opportunity to those who simply want to expand their knowledge through advanced academic training.

Admission to Graduate Standing - Conditionally Classified

Students must meet the CSU requirements for admission to a master’s degree program. Please consult the Graduate Admissions section in this catalog for complete information. Candidates will need a B.A. with a minimum GPA of 3.0 in Spanish, consisting of at least 24 units (or equivalent) of upper-division studies. A candidate presenting a bachelor of arts that has fewer than 24 upper-division units in the language, or whose background is otherwise inadequate, will be required to take additional courses with a minimum GPA of 3.0 to build a full undergraduate major before beginning the graduate program. The student must demonstrate proficiency in English, passing MLNG 301 or equivalent with a “C” (2.0) or better. Satisfactory evaluation of language proficiency by committee is also required. Adaptations of certain admission requirements may be made for promising foreign students.

Graduate Standing - Classified

A student who meets the requirements for conditionally classified graduate standing is eligible for classified graduate standing upon the development of an approved study plan, which should be done in consultation with the graduate adviser prior to the completion of nine graduate units.

Required Courses (18 units)

Comprehensive Exams

All students are required to complete a reading list. Upon completion of all requirements, a final evaluation by comprehensive written examination must be completed successfully to demonstrate mastery of the fields. The examination consists of three separate tests: Linguistics, Peninsular Literature and Spanish American Literature. A student who fails one or more of the tests that comprise the written examination will have the option of retaking the failed test(s) only once within two years of the first attempt. If a student fails one test on the second attempt, but has passed the other two tests, the graduate committee may administer a supplemental oral examination in the deficient area if it deems it appropriate.

Total (30 units)

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