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2018-2019 University Catalog 
2018-2019 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Communication Studies, M.A.

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(30 UNITS)

The Master of Arts in Communication Studies is designed to give students broad exposure to theory and research and, at the same time, allow them to specialize in one area (i.e., argumentation and persuasion, interpersonal communication, intercultural communication, organization communication, or rhetorical studies). The objectives of the degree include improving the student’s academic and professional competence, preparing the student for advanced graduate work toward the doctoral degree, developing the student’s research capabilities, increasing student’s knowledge in the area of specialization, and for the student planning a teaching career, providing the opportunity to develop teaching skills. The student is expected to demonstrate a high degree of intellectual competence and scholarly discipline, to evaluate messages critically and to demonstrate mastery of the field of specialization.

Admission to Graduate Standing - Conditionally Classified

Students must meet the CSU requirements for admission to a master’s degree program. Please consult the Graduate Admissions  section in this catalog for complete information. Applicants for Communication Studies are required to have a baccalaureate in communication studies or an allied field or complete nine units of approved background studies in communication studies.

In addition, the following factors will be taken into consideration by the Graduate Committee in determining who shall be admitted to the program:

  • Grade-point average
  • Letters of recommendation (preferably on department forms)
  • Professional objectives as presented in a student letter of intent

Graduate Standing - Classified

A student who meets the requirements for conditionally classified graduate standing, as well as the following requirements, may be granted classified graduate standing upon the development of an approved study plan:

  • Enrolling in HCOM 500  within the first nine unts of graduate work included on the study plan
  • Completing the study plan with 30 units of studies approved by an adviser and the department Graduate Committee

Graduate Study Plan

Requirements for the M.A. Degree in Communication Studies consist of a minimum of 30 units of 400- and 500-level courses approved by the Department Graduate Committee. These are:

Courses totaling 15 units:

Completion of 30 units of coursework:

Completion of 30 units of coursework and passing a comprehensive examination, or completion of 27 units of coursework and writing a project (HCOM 597 ) for three units, or completion of 24 units of coursework and writing a thesis (HCOM 598) for six units

Additional Information

For further information, consult the Department of Human Communication Studies.

Total (30 units)

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