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2018-2019 University Catalog 
2018-2019 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Education, Educational Administration Concentration, M.S.

(30 UNITS)

The principal objective of the curriculum is to prepare carefully selected individuals for leadership positions in public schools. The program is designed to help these individuals gain the technical knowledge and scholarship requisite to high achievement in these positions.

Admission to Graduate Standing - Conditionally Classified

Students must meet the CSU and program requirements for admission to a master’s degree program. Please consult the Graduate Admissions section in this catalog for complete information. In addition, an applicant should have successful teaching experience in an elementary or secondary school. (If such experience is not available, other experience in related fields is an alternative if approved by a graduate adviser before starting the program)

Graduate Standing - Classified

A student who meets the admission requirements and has a minimum 2.5 GPA in previous academic work may be granted classified graduate standing upon approval of a study plan.

Study Plan

The study plan requirements include a project. No more than nine units of postgraduate work taken prior to classified standing may be applied to a student’s master’s degree program.

Total (30 units)