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2018-2019 University Catalog 
2018-2019 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Biological Science, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Concentration, B.S.

(120 UNITS)

Bachelor of Science in Biological Science

The Bachelor of Science in Biological Science requires 40 units in the major, 34 units of supporting courses in physical sciences and mathematics, an upper-division writing course and an exit exam on biology in the spring semester of the senior year. All courses must be passed with a “C” (2.0) or better. Those seeking careers in the health professions should speak to a health professions adviser about specific course recommendations. For more information, visit: fullerton.edu/health_professions.

Upper-Division Courses (21 units)

The upper-division program is designed to provide students with depth in a chosen concentration. The upper-division program requires at least six units of laboratory- or field-based activities, six units of 400-level biology courses and two units of a specified capstone course.

Students with junior or senior standing will be permitted to enroll in BIOL 480 , BIOL 482 , BIOL 495 , BIOL 498  and BIOL 499L . However, no more than a combined total of six units of BIOL 480  (2 units maximum), BIOL 482  (2 units maximum), BIOL 495  (3 units maximum), BIOL 498  (2 units maximum) and BIOL 499L  (6 units maximum) shall be counted toward the 21 upper-division biology units required for the major, and no more than three of these units may count toward the requirement to complete at least six units of upper-division biology laboratory/field electives.

Supporting Course Requirements for the Major (34 units)

Concentration in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Electives (4-6 units)

To attain the 14 units required for the concentration, students may select any addtional upper-division biology courses from Organismal Biology, Ecology or Capstone sections (additional units from Organismal Biology or Capstone courses not used to fulfill those requirements count here), or from the following:

Laboratory/Field Requirement

Three of the required laboratory/field units must be completed within the courses taken to fulfill concentration requirements.

Additional Information

1 courses that count as electives or capstone, but not both

2 a maximum of 4 units of these marine biology courses may be applied toward the 21 upper-division electives required for the EEB concentration


One course in physiology is required. This can be met by taking one of the following as a Free Upper-Division Biology Elective or as part of the concentration if one of the courses below is listed as an option to fulfill a concentration requirement.

Free Upper-Division Biology Electives

Although it is recommended that Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Concentration majors select additional elective units from courses listed under the Concentration Requirements, any upper-division biology majors course may be utilized to complete the 21 units of required upper-division courses.

Total (120 units)