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2013-2015 University Catalog 
2013-2015 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Theatre Arts, Acting Concentration, B.F.A.

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Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Arts

(132 UNITS)

Students must take THTR 110  to fulfill G.E. Category A.I.

Acting Concentration

The B.F.A. in acting concentration is for students who desire a professionally oriented education and training in acting. Only those who exhibit exceptional talent, motivation and commitment will be admitted to the program.

Prior to entering their junior year, or upon transferring to Cal State Fullerton, students will be auditioned, evaluated and advised for advancement in the major. Candidates must complete THTR 241A , THTR 241B  with a “B-” (2.7) or better in order to be eligible to jury into the degree program. If accepted into the program, all previously declared B.F.A in Musical Theatre candidates must complete THTR 241A , THTR 241B  by the end of the third year of study.

Applicants must complete the following, or equivalent, for entry into the degree program: THTR 140 , THTR 141A , THTR 141B  and THTR 240A , THTR 240B  with a “B-” (2.7) or better in each course; THTR 200  with a “C” or better; and an audition in acting.

In addition to the requirements listed below for the major, students must meet the university requirements for a baccalaureate degree.

Electives (6 units)

One course from each category

Additional Information

Once students are accepted and enrolled in the Acting Concentration, they are required to audition each semester, and to accept any role in which they are cast until the degree program is completed.

At the end of the fall and spring semesters of the junior and senior years of study, a faculty committee shall evaluate each BFA candidate. The committee has the authority to retain, dismiss or place candidates on probation. To be retained in the BFA Acting program, students must prepare an acting demonstration (jury). The acting/directing faculty will assess each student at this time and determine if the student warrants retention, probation or dismissal from the program. Each student will be assessed on professionalism, collegiality and progress.

Total (132 units)

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