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2015-2016 University Catalog 
2015-2016 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Management, Department of

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Department Chair

Gus Monoochehri

Department Office/Website

Steven G. Mihaylo Hall 5313


John Barbuto, Gerard Beenen, Lorenzo Bizzi, Peng Chan, Jennifer Chandler, Paul Choi, Harold Fraser, Adelina Gnantlet, Ryan Gottfredson, JIng Han, Tsuhsiang Sean Hsu, John Jackson, Ellen Kim, Casey Kleindienst, Brian Kleiner, Jung Yeon Lee, Gus Manoochehri, Lori Muse, Naser Nikandish, David Obstfeld, Richard Parry, Shaun Pichler, Goli Sadri, Rommel Salvador, Asad Shafiq, Ruixia Shi, Charles Smith, Don Smith, Hamid Tavakolian, Atul Teckchandani, Heejin Woo


Managers are needed in a wide variety of different types of organizations - business and non-business, large and small, foreign and domestic. In all of these organizations, managers need technical, human and conceptual skills to help achieve organizational goals.

Management courses are designed to teach the fundamental principles underlying organizations, to emphasize education that will improve students’ thought processes, provide familiarity with the analytical tools of management and develop in the student, an ability to use the techniques involved in analyzing and evaluating managerial problems and making sound decisions.

Students may pursue a wide variety of academic and career interests through four different management concentrations: general management; human resources management; operations and supply chain management; and legal studies. The entrepreneurship and entertainment and tourism concentrations are also housed in the management department.

Learning Goals and Student Learning Outcomes

The following goals and learning outcomes have been established for students pursuing a degree in business administration:

Problem solving and critical thinking skills

  • Effectively use quantitative/analytical, problem-solving and critical thinking skills in a business situation

Interpersonal relations

  • Motivate self and others to achieve group and organizational goals
  • Diagnose and resolve conflict in group and organizational settings

Ethical awareness

  • Demonstrate an awareness of ethical issues and responsibilities

Functional knowledge

  • Understand and appreciate the principles and roles of each of the major business disciplines and the interrelationships of these disciplines within a strategic framework

Multicultural awareness

  • Appreciate diversity and understand how workforce and market diversity challenge, benefit and influence the activities of the organization

Information technology skills

  • Use information technology to support business analysis and operations

Global awareness

  • Understand the impact of the global economy and business environment

Economic and legal environment knowledge

  • Demonstrate knowledge about the economic and legal environments in which business operates

Communications skills

  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills to communicate effectively about business issues using written and oral communications

Programs and Courses Offered

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

Master of Business Adminstration



    Courses are designated as MGMT in the class schedule.

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