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2015-2016 University Catalog 
2015-2016 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

African American Studies, Department of

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Department Chair

Erica L. Ball

Department Office/Website

Humanities 314


Stan Breckenridge, Siobhan Brooks, Natalie Graham, Tyler D. Parry, Julie Stokes


African American Studies is a multidisciplinary approach to understanding the black experience in a global context. In addition to degree programs in African American Studies, the department provides coursework in Ethnic Studies (e.g., Intracultural Socialization). Our faculty areas of expertise are diverse and include ethnomusicology, history, psychology, sociology, literature and cultural studies.

African American studies majors and minors go on to pursue graduate degrees in the humanities, social sciences and sciences. Our graduates make career choices that reflect a commitment to leadership and community development. These areas include law, medicine, civil service, education and a number of other professional occupations.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students who major in African American Studies will be expected to:

  • Identify a range of cultural documents and expressive forms (such as folk culture, music, literature, mass media, interviews and oral history), and describe their significance to African American culture.
  • Identify and explain the significance of key individuals and events that shaped the culture and history of people of African descent in the U.S. and wider diaspora. 
  • Examine the ways that race, gender, class and/or sexuality intersect in the lives of individuals and their communities.
  • Integrate Ethnic Studies methodologies into one’s written work.
  • Communicate complex arguments, ideas, and research findings in well-organized written papers.

Programs and Courses Offered


    Bachelor of ArtsNon-Degree


      African American Studies

      Courses are designated as AFAM in the class schedule.

      Ethnic Studies

      Courses are designated as ETHN in the class schedule.

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