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2017-2018 University Catalog 
2017-2018 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College of Communications

College of Communications Studio“As one of the largest Colleges of Communications in the country, we are proud of our legacy of providing students access to a top-quality education that leads to lifelong success. Our alumni have achieved great heights in a variety of prominent careers. Students’ participation in our academic programs is enhanced through opportunities for co-curricular and high-impact experiences, such as Comm Week, the Latino Communications Initiative, the award-winning Daily Titan newspaper and Tusk magazine, Titan TV and Radio, OC News, Al Día, PRactical ADvantage agency, forensics and debate, the speech and hearing clinic, professional internships, study abroad, and a host of clubs, centers and initiatives. Working closely with world-class faculty, our students earn degrees that provide them with the necessary tools to act as ethical global citizens as they pursue their chosen professions.”

Acting Dean
Edward J. Fink
College of Communications


Interim Associate Dean
Doug Swanson

Assistant Dean, Student Affairs
Rob Flores

Dean’s Office
College Park Building, Suite 450

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At the heart of an open society is the free flow of information. Delivery systems of those messages may change with development of new technologies, but the need for trained communicators to gather, synthesize, verify and disseminate that information remains constant. Training those communication professionals is the mission of the College of Communications.

Academic programs in the College of Communications prepare students to work in a number of media-related industries and related fields in business, education, entertainment, government, healthcare, nonprofit, for profit and more. Communicators may be objective reporters of news and information, persuasive advocates on behalf of clients and organizations, or trained specialists enabling others to communicate effectively.

Drawing heavily on strong theoretical foundations in the liberal arts and social sciences, the College of Communications applies the tools and techniques of today’s ever-changing environment to match messages with audiences and provide students with the skill-sets to enjoy successful careers in an increasingly global competitive arena.

With strong linkage to the professional community, the College of Communications offers an exciting opportunity for state-of-the-art education combined with the highest ethical and professional standards.