Dec 09, 2023  
2022-2023 University Catalog 
2022-2023 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Graduate Student Checklist


There may be additional steps for individual students in particular programs; for these, consult the program description and the academic unit (college, department, or program) offering the degree program.

☐ = Action initiated by student (as indicated below)
◊ = Action initiated by the university

Admission to Graduate Standing: Conditionally Classified

☐ Apply for admission and declare objective(s), using precise codes on the application form

◊ Receive application acknowledgment from the Admissions Office

☐ Request official transcripts of all previously attempted college-level coursework be sent to Admissions Office

☐ Take tests, if required by program, and order test scores sent to Cal State Fullerton, designating appropriate academic unit on the test registration form

☐ Provide the departmental graduate program adviser with any other supporting statements or materials, as required

◊ Recommendation for admission made by departmental graduate program adviser to Admissions Office

◊ Receive notification of admission from Admissions Office

☐ Make an appointment with the graduate program adviser to discuss your academic program. Advisers for each department are listed on the Graduate Studies website

Graduate Standing: Classified

☐ Complete any course prerequisites or remove deficiencies

☐ Apply for classified standing (submit a Study Plan) in the academic department offering the particular program prior to completion of 13 units of Study Plan coursework

☐ Consult departmental graduate program adviser for advising, including development of official Study Plan

☐ Provide appropriate academic unit with any other supporting statements or materials, as shown in program descriptions in this catalog

◊ Recommendation for classified standing made by graduate program adviser by sending the signed Study Plan to the Office of Graduate Studies

◊ Notification of classified standing granted and communicated to the student

Completion of Requirements

☐ Apply for graduation prior to the beginning of your final semester. Specific deadlines are posted on the Graduate Studies website. Application for graduation check is completed online via the Titan Online Student Center. A graduation and diploma fee is required.

☐ Maintain continuous enrollment. The Study Plan is valid only as long as a graduate student maintains continuous enrollment in both the fall and spring semesters (and summer for Ed.D.) until all requirements are completed. Otherwise, it will be necessary to reapply to the university and meet any new catalog requirements. If you have enrolled in all coursework on the Study Plan but have not satisfactorily completed a project, thesis, dissertation, or comprehensive examination, you must register for the GRAD 700 class, which has zero credit units and does not require attendance.

☐ Consult the departmental graduate program adviser to confirm final requirements for the degree

☐ Complete written or oral examination, if required. Complete dissertation, thesis or project, if required.

☐ Obtain committee approval for dissertation, thesis, project or results of comprehensive exam(s)

☐ If applicable, submit dissertation or thesis to university thesis/dissertation reader by the specified deadline

◊ The final approved Study Plan with Grad Check Review Form recommendation is sent by the department graduate program adviser to the Office of Graduate Studies

◊ A copy of the Grad Check Review Form is sent to the student showing the adviser’s recommendation

◊ Preliminary audit is completed by Office of Graduate Studies staff. The student’s Study Plan is checked for pending grades and completion of any other requirements.

☐ Complete the submission process for thesis or dissertation publication.

☐ Complete all general and specific requirements, other than final course examinations, by the last day of classes to complete the degree by the end of the semester

◊ Final verification of completion of requirements sent by the Office of Graduate Studies staff to the registrar


☐ Check procedures online for participating in commencement at

☐ Make appropriate arrangements for cap, gown and hood rental in the campus bookstore

◊ Commencement information sent by the college dean’s office