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2021-2022 University Catalog 
2021-2022 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Teaching Credentials

Teaching Credential Information

SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union Center for Careers in Teaching
Education Classroom Building 379


From its earliest days to the present, teacher preparation has been one of the chief missions of the university. Today, Cal State Fullerton offers a full range of nationally accredited and state-approved credential programs leading to careers in education. Students pursuing a teaching credential in California must navigate a number of specific requirements. Credential requirements are established by the Legislature and enforced by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. The commission also reviews and approves all university credential preparation programs. An academic major in education is not offered at Cal State Fullerton; thus, students seeking teaching credentials must do so in conjunction with, or after the completion of, a baccalaureate degree program in an academic area outside of education.

CSUF offers programs leading to Preliminary and Clear teaching credentials, Education Specialist credentials and Services Credentials. The Administrative Services and Clinical Rehabilitative Services credentials described briefly below, are more advanced programs designed to be taken in conjunction with graduate study.

In this section of the catalog, information is presented regarding:

  • SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union Center for Careers in Teaching
  • Preliminary Credential Programs
  • Multiple Subject Credential
  • Single Subject Credential and Subject Matter Preparation Programs
  • Education Specialist Credentials
  • Administrative Services Credential Program

SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union Center for Careers in Teaching

Education Classroom Building 379

The SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union Center for Careers in Teaching provides comprehensive career and academic advising to students planning to become elementary, middle school, high school, special education teachers and/or work in higher education settings. Students are encouraged to go to the center for early academic and career advising to best prepare for credential and graduate programs at Cal State Fullerton. The center provides scheduled appointments throughout the year where students have the opportunity to learn about the various education program requirements and how to efficiently blend requirements for general education, major and credential program prerequisites. These services provided by the center are geared toward the undergraduate who is planning to enter the teaching profession. Students who have already earned a bachelor’s degree should attend a credential program overview for initial advising: ed.fullerton.edu/prospective-students/degrees-credentials/credential-programs.php.

The center also works with local community colleges to facilitate the transition of transfer students who are planning to become teachers. Transfer students can meet with one of the center’s advisers at many of the local community colleges. Check the community college transfer center for schedules. Transfer students are also welcome to visit the center at the Cal State Fullerton campus even while attending the community college. See the SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union Center for Careers in Teaching website at ed.fullerton.edu/cct for more information about careers in teaching, making an appointment and much more.

Preliminary Teaching Credential Programs

In California, there are three initial/preliminary teaching credentials: Multiple Subject Credential, Single Subject Credential and Education Specialist Credential. The Multiple Subject Credential authorizes a person to teach in a transitional kindergarten through eighth-grade classroom where multiple subjects are taught by a single individual. The Single Subject Credential authorizes a person to teach one subject to various age groups. The Education Specialist Credential is designed for persons interested in working with children and adults with special needs. Those who work with kindergarten through 12th-grade students should pursue the Mild/Moderate or the Moderate/Severe Credential. Persons interested in working with infants, toddlers and preschoolers should pursue an Early Childhood Education Specialist Credential.

In California, a prospective teacher first earns a Preliminary Credential and then completes a two-year induction program or a Clear Credential Program, depending on the school district. The Preliminary Credential is the initial credential for the beginning teacher.

To learn more about minimum requirements for a Preliminary Multiple Subject, Single Subject or Education Specialist Credential, contact the SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union Center for Careers in Teaching, 657-278-7130 or ed.fullerton.edu/cct, or attend an overview session offered by the respective program. Schedules for these sessions are available on the hotline at 657-278-3412 or at ed.fullerton.edu/prospective-students/degrees-credentials/credential-programs.php.

In addition, the Preliminary Speech-Language Pathology Services Credential requires passing the Praxis examination in the topic and a one-year supervised Clinical Fellowship Year to obtain the Certificate of Clinical Competence and/or a one-year supervised Required Professional Experience Year to obtain the California Speech-Language Pathology License to obtain a Clear Credential.

Multiple Subject Credential


A Multiple Subject Credential authorizes the holder to teach multiple subjects in pre-K- to 8th-grade classrooms. The Multiple Subject Credential can be completed as a stand-alone program, or it can be completed in the Combined Credential/Master’s Program (16-month program, fall only admission).

Single Subject Credential and Subject Matter Preparation


A Single Subject Credential authorizes the holder to teach a specified subject in kindergarten through 12th-grade classrooms in departmentalized settings. The Single Subject Credential program at CSUF offers programs in each of the following state-authorized subject fields.

  • Art
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • English
  • Foundational Level Math
  • Foundational Level General Science
  • Geosciences/Earth Science
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Physics
  • Social Science
  • World Languages (including English Language Development)

Admission to a subject-specific program requires demonstration of subject matter competence. Verification of subject matter competence may be satisfied by passage of the appropriate state-approved examination (CSET), or completion of a state-approved Subject Matter Preparation Program (SMPP), depending on the subject area (not all subject areas have an approved SMPP). The Subject Matter Preparation Programs generally coincide sufficiently with the degree major to make it possible to complete requirements for one’s major and subject matter preparation requirements using many of the same courses. But degree programs and subject matter preparation programs serve different purposes; taking one is not a guarantee that you will have satisfied the requirements of the other. A degree in the subject is not a requirement of, nor satisfies the subject matter competency requirement. However, a degree closely related to the credential subject is highly recommended as it will help the applicant prepare for the CSET or will link with SMPP requirements.

For students seeking Single Subject Credentials, please discuss the option of the test or subject matter preparation program with subject area coordinator (adviser) for your academic major or subject of interest. CSUF offers subject matter preparation programs associated with many of the above credentials.

Good advising and careful planning are crucial. Contact the SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union Center for Careers in Teaching to find the contact information for specific subject area coordinators. Transfer students seeking a CSUF subject matter preparation program should seek a transcript evaluation from the adviser in their academic major. Single Subject Matter Preparation Programs are required to be changed and re-approved periodically. See http://ed.fullerton.edu/cct/advising/smpp-preparation.php for current information.

Education Specialist Credentials


CSUF offers several state-approved programs leading to specialized credentials. These specialist credentials are oriented toward post-baccalaureate coursework and coincide with master’s degree programs.

CSUF offers the following Specialist Credential programs:

  1. Mild/Moderate Disabilities - to teach persons with mild/moderate disabilities.
  2. Moderate/Severe Disabilities - to teach persons with moderate/severe disabilities or who have multiple disabilities.
  3. Early Childhood Special Education - to teach infants, toddlers and preschoolers with or at risk for disabilities or developmental delays, ages birth through 5 years of age and their families.
  4. Resource Specialist (Authorization - for those who hold a Learning Handicapped Credential) - to serve as a resource specialist in programs serving special education students, their parents and their regular teachers.

See “Department of Special Education ,” “College of Education .”

Reading and Literacy Leadership Specialist Credential


Reading and Literacy Leadership Specialist Credential - to teach literacy to students of diversified grade and ability levels and to prepare candidates to work as a literacy leader at the district, state and national levels, a literacy coach/specialist, and a pre-K- to 12th-grade reading teacher. See “Department of Literacy and Reading Education ,” “College of Education .”

Administrative Services Credentials


CSUF offers the following Administrative Services Credential programs:

  1. California Preliminary Administrative Services Credential (PASC) - the first step of the two-step administrative services credential structure, authorizing service as a school site administrator, principal or other administrative officer of a school district.
  2. Clear Administrative Services Credential (CASC) - the second step of the two-step administrative services credential structure.

See “Department of Educational Leadership ,” “College of Education .”

Clinical Rehabilitative Services

  1. Preliminary Speech-Language Pathology Services Credential in Language, Speech and Hearing - provides services to students with disorders in language, speech and hearing. See “Department of Human Communication Studies ,” “College of Communications .
  2. “School Nurse Services Credential - to become a school nurse. See “Nursing, School of ,” “College of Health and Human Development .”