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2017-2018 University Catalog 
2017-2018 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Executive Division

Mildred García, President
     Ann Camp, Chief of Staff
          Danielle García, Deputy Chief of Staff
          Sara Mouw, Assistant to the Chief of Staff
          Matt Olson, Writer, Executive Communications
          Sandy Quintero, Presidential Assistant
          Leticia Stotler, Special Events Coordinator and University House Manager
          Jeannie Mollenauer, Financial Manager
   Monique Shay, University Counsel
          Olivia Uphoff, Assistant to the University Counsel

Office of the Provost and Division of Academic Affairs

Anil Puri, Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
     Erinn Banks, Interim Executive Assistant to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
     Mark Filowitz, Interim Associate Vice President for Academic Operations
          Sunny Moon, Director of Institutional Research and Analytical Studies
     Lisa Kopecky, Assistant Vice President for Academic Operations and Finance
     Kristin Stang, Interim Assistant Vice President for Faculty Support Services
          Erica Bowers, Interim Director of the Faculty Development Center
          Shelli Wynants, Interim Director of Online Education and Training
          Vacant, Director of Faculty Affairs and Records
     Mary Ann Villarreal, Assistant Vice President for Strategic Initiatives  

Academic Programs

Pam Oliver, Interim Associate Vice President for Academic Programs
     Elizabeth Boretz, Assistant Vice President for Student Success and Director of Academic Advisement Center
     Brent Foster, Interim Director of Undergraduate Studies and General Education
     Michele Mouttapa, Interim Director of Health Professions Advising Office
     Sandra Pérez, Director of University Honors Program
     Katherine Powers, Director of Graduate Studies
     Su Swarat, Director of Assessment and Educational Effectiveness
     Mary Ann Villarreal, Interim Director of First Year Experience

Irvine Campus

Steve Walk, Interim Associate Vice President for South County Operations and Initiatives


Clement Guthro, Dean of the Library
     Anthony Davis, Interim Associate University Librarian
     Vacant, Head, Access Library Services
     Barbara Miller, Chair, Technical Services
     Ann Roll, Head, Collection Processing Services

Records and Registration

Nancy Dority, Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Services
     Joseph Hackbarth, Director, Information Technology

Research and Sponsored Projects

Chris Liu, Associate Vice President for Research and Sponsored Projects
     Tami Foy, Associate Director of Office of Research Development
     Paulina Tagle, Director of Office of Grants and Contracts
     Vacant, Director of Office of Research Development

University Extended Education

Kari Knutson Miller, Dean of University Extended Education and Associate Vice President for International Programs and Global Engagement
     Sandy Wong, Associate Director, Office of the AVP, International Programs and Global Engagement and Dean, University Extended Education
     Caroline Carpenter, Interim Associate Dean, Strategic Operations
     Christopher Swarat, Interim Associate Dean, Innovation and Engagement
     Kara Andrew, Manager, UEE and Global Engagement Online
     Brendan Babish, Associate Director, UEE/IPGE Communications
     Toni Bartter, Associate Director, Student Services and Off Campus Centers
     Patsy Burns, Administrative Manager, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI)
     Steven Chan, Director, Budget and Finance and Student Services
     Greg Dyment, Director, Fullerton Arboretum
     Maria Grandone, Director, International Student Services
     Jack Hobson, Director, Study Abroad
     Shari Merrill, Associate Director, Study Abroad
     Karen McKinley, Senior Director, Extended Education Programs
     Christine Pircher-Barnes, Director, International Student Services and Scholars
     Greg Pongetti, Collections Curator
     Bruce Rubin, Interim Director, American Language Program
     Joseph Sañosa, Director, International Admissions and Outreach
     Melem Sharpe, Manager, Professional Development
     Denise Mitchell, Manager, UEE International Programs and Global Engagement
     Sally Starr, Administrative Director, Office of the Associate Vice President, International Programs and Global Engagement and Dean, University Extended Education
     Krissyvan Truong, Director, Self-Support Degree Programs and Open University Advising
     Shelly Wang, Manager, Program Development
     Gail Wright, Manager, Self-Support Degree Programs
     Raymond Venegas, Interim Manager, UEE Information Technology

Administration and Finance

Danny C. Kim, Vice President for Administration and Finance/Chief Financial Officer
     Lupe Briseño, Executive Assistant to the Vice President
Mary Clark, Chief of Operations
     Christine Muriel, Manager, Human Resources and Special Projects
Laurinda Fuller, Director, Internal Audit

Auxiliary Services Corporation (ASC)

Frank Mumford, Executive Director/CEO, ASC
     Chuck Kissel, Associate Executive Director, ASC
     Tariq Marji, Chief Financial Officer, ASC
     James Alexander, Director, Property Development, ASC
     Kimberly Ball, Director, Titan Shops
     Anthony Lynch, Director, Campus Dining
     Denise Bell, Director, Sponsored Programs
     Rosario Borromeo, Director, Human Resources
     Mike Marcinkevicz, Director, Information Technology

Business and Administrative Services

Vacant, Associate Vice President, Business and Administrative Services
     May Wong, Special Projects Manager
     Welson Badal, Senior Director, Administration and Finance Information Technology
     Nelson Nagai, Director, Contracts and Procurement
     Steven Yim, Controller

Facilities Planning and Management

Ali Izadian, Associate Vice President, Capital Programs and Facilities Management
     Vacant, Director, Planning
     Pearl Boelter, Director, Environmental Health and Safety
     Roy Gonzalez, Interim Director, Administrative Services and Strategic Planning
     Douglas Kind, Interim Director, Physical Plant
     Sarabdayal Singh, Director, Construction
     Terri Thompson, Director, Facilities Operation

Parking and Transportation Services

Joseph Ferrer, Senior Director, Parking, Transportation and Facilities Use
     Kristen Jasko, Associate Director, Parking and Transportation

Resource Planning and Analysis

Laleh Graylee, Assistant Vice President, Resource Planning and Analysis
     Jerry Garcia, Planning and Analysis Manager
     Joe Lipnisky, Budget Administration Operations Manager

University Police

Dennis DeMaio, Chief of Police
     John Brockie, Captain
     Scot Willey, Operations Captain
     Carl Jones, Lieutenant

Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion 

David Forgues, Interim Vice President, Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion
     Phenicia McCullough, Interim Chief of Operations, Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion
          Melvin Alegado, Employment Services
     Vacant, Associate Vice President, Academic Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion
          Robin Graboyes, Director, Employment Services
          Calvin Chen, Manager, Business and Workforce Analytics
          Griselda Gomez, Manager, Academic Personnel
          Maria Lucia Gonzalez, Manager, Classification and Compensation
          Silvia Gonzalez, Compensation/Classification Specialist
     John Beisner, Interim Associate Vice President, Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion
          Alisha Brown, Manager, Workers’ Compensation/ADA
          Michael Coughlin, Manager, Risk Management
          Angelica Perez, Manager, Benefits
          Susan Smith, Manager, Payroll
     Michelle Tapper, Interim Director of Labor and Employee Relations and Compliance
          Liz Castello, Interim Assistant Director of Labor and Employee Relations and Compliance
          Ryan Wilson, Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation Administrator
     Victoria Morris, Director, Professional and Organizational Development

Information Technology

Amir Dabirian, Vice President for Information Technology/Chief Information Officer
     Robin Crew, Chief of Operations for Information Technology and Executive Assistant to Vice President for Information Technology
     Alyssa Adamson, Director of IT Finance and Enterprise Centralized Purchasing
     Kerry Boyer, Information Security Officer
     Joe Luzzi, Senior Director, Enterprise Applications
     Ken Ly, Senior Director, Applications Development and Support
     Willie Peng, Interim Assistant Vice President for Information Technology/Academic Technology Services
     Berhanu Tadesse, Associate Vice President for Information Technology/Infrastructure Services

Student Affairs

Berenecea Johnson Eanes, Vice President for Student Affairs
     Deanna Leone, Interim Chief of Operations for Student Affairs and Executive Director for Retention Cluster Initiatives
     Anh Nelson, Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs
     Maricela Alvarado, Assistant Dean of College of the Arts
     Lui Amador, Director, Veteran Student Services
     Meredith Basil, Interim Associate Vice President for Student Affairs-Student Retention
     Mary Becerra, Title IX Coordinator
     Peggy Garcia Bockman, Assistant Dean of College of Health and Human Development
     Darren Bush, Interim Associate Vice President for Student Affairs-Student Transitions
     Melba Castro, Director, Educational Partnerships
     Steve DiTolla, Senior Associate Director, Athletics
     Jim Donovan, Director, Athletics
     Dave Edwards, Executive Director, Associated Students, Inc.
     Kelly England, Interim Director, Office of Financial Aid
     Robert Flores, Assistant Dean of College of Communications and CSUF Irvine Campus
     Alisa Foreman Flowers, Director, WoMen’s Center/Adult Reentry Center
     Leticia Gutierrez-Lopez, Director, Counseling and Psychological Services
     Vincent Harris, Director, Male Success Initiative
     Joy Hoffman, Director, Diversity Initiatives and Resource Centers
     Alisia Kirkwood, Interim Dean of Students
     Dianna Lopez, Assistant Dean of College of Education
     Dawn Macy, Director, Center for Internships and Community Engagement
     Larry Martin, Director, Housing and Residence Life
     Colleen McDonough, Assistant Dean of College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
     Connie Moreno-Yamashiro, Assistant Dean of College of Humanities and Social Sciences
     Deanna Merino-Contino, Director, Center for Scholars
     Futoshi Nakagawa, Interim Associate Director of Athletics and Director, Athletic Academic Services
     Tonantzin Oseguera, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs-Student Engagement
     Carlos Santana, Assistant Dean of College of Engineering and Computer Science
     Lillybeth Sasis, Assistant Dean of International Programs and Global Engagement
     Robert Scialdone, Budget Manager
     Kathy Spofford, Executive Director, Student Health Center
     Tom Thompson, Interim Director, Disability Support Services
     Sharnette Underdue, Interim Director of Outreach and New Student Programs
     Vincent Vigil, Director, Student Life and Leadership
     Jessica Wagoner, Director, Admissions
     Drew Wiley, Interim Director, Leadership and Program Development
     Rochelle Woods, Executive Director, Special Populations
     Emeline Yong, Assistant Dean of Mihaylo College of Business and Economics
     Elizabeth Zavala-Acevez, Director, Career Center

University Advancement

Gregory J. Saks, Vice President for University Advancement
     Frances Teves, Chief of Operations for University Advancement
     Rachel Nilsson, Executive Assistant to the Vice President
     Michele Cesca, Associate Vice President, Development
     Jeffrey D. Cook, Associate Vice President, Strategic Communications
     Tara Garcia, Executive Director, UA Administration and Finance and CFO, Philanthropic Foundation
     Vacant, Associate Vice President, Government Relations
     Dianna Fisher, Executive Director, Alumni Engagement

College of the Arts

Dale Merrill, Dean
     Arnold Holland, Associate Dean
     Maricela Alvarado, Assistant Dean, Student Affairs

Visual Arts Department

Jade Jewett, Chair

School of Music

Marc Dickey, Director

Theatre and Dance Department

Dave Mickey, Chair

College of Communications

Edward Fink, Acting Dean
     Douglas Swanson, Interim Associate Dean
     Robert Flores, Assistant Dean, Student Affairs

Communications Department

Jason Shepard, Chair

Cinema and Television Arts Department

Garrett Hart, Chair

Human Communication Studies Department

Gary Ruud, Chair

College of Education

Lisa Kirtman, Dean
     Vacant, Associate Dean
     Dianna Lopez, Assistant Dean, Student Affairs

Educational Leadership Department

John Hoffman, Chair

Elementary and Bilingual Education Department

Kim Norman, Chair

Literacy and Reading Education Department

Rosario Ordonez-Jasis, Chair

Secondary Education Department

Grace Cho, Chair

Special Education Department

Melinda Pierson, Chair

Instructional Design and Technology Program

Cynthia Gautreau, Coordinator

College of Engineering and Computer Science

Susamma Barua, Interim Dean
     Sang June Oh, Interim Associate Dean
     Lillybeth Sasis, Assistant Dean, Student Affairs

Computer Science Department

Michael Shafae, Chair

Civil and Environmental Engineering Department

Uksun Kim, Chair

Electrical Engineering Department

David Cheng, Chair

Mechanical Engineering Department

Chean Chin Ngo, Chair

Computer Engineering Program

Kiran George, Coordinator

Environmental Engineering Program

Jeff Kuo, Coordinator

Software Engineering Program

James Choi, Coordinator

College of Health and Human Development

Laurie Roades, Dean
     Cindy Greenberg, Interim Associate Dean
     Peggy Bockman, Assistant Dean, Student Affairs

Child and Adolescent Studies Department

Katherine Bono, Chair

Counseling Department

Leah Brew, Chair

Health Science Department

Sora Tanjasiri, Chair

Human Services Department

Mikel Hogan, Chair

Kinesiology Department

Kavin Tsang, Chair

Military Science Program

Major Jesus Cruz, Coordinator

School of Nursing

Stephanie Vaughn, Director

Social Work Department

David Chenot, Chair

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Sheryl Fontaine, Dean
     Paul Levesque, Associate Dean, Faculty and Staff Relations
​     Lynn Sargeant, Associate Dean, Student Relations
​     Brittney Swanson, Assistant Dean, Student Affairs

African American Studies Department

Zakyi Ibrahim, Chair

American Studies Department

Leila Zenderland, Chair

Anthropology Division

Barbra Erickson, Coordinator of Cultural Anthropology
John Patton, Coordinator of Evolutionary Anthropology
Carl Wendt, Coordinator of Archaeology 

Asian American Studies Program

Eliza Noh, Coordinator

Chicana and Chicano Studies Department

Patricia A. Pérez, Chair

Religious Studies Department

Zakyi Ibrahim, Chair

English, Comparative Literature and Linguistics Department

Stephen Mexal, Chair

Environmental Studies Program

April Bullock, Coordinator

European Studies Program

Rob McLain, Coordinator

Geography and the Environment Department

Mark Drayse, Chair

Gerontology Program

Laura Zettel-Watson, Coordinator

History Department

Kristine Dennehy, Chair

Latin American Studies Program

Juan Ishikawa, Coordinator

Liberal Studies Department

Mark Fischer, Chair

Modern Languages and Literatures Department

James Hussar, Chair

Philosophy Department

JeeLoo Liu, Chair

Politics, Administration and Justice Division

Stacy Mallicoat, Chair

Psychology Department

Eriko Self, Chair

Sociology Department

Eileen Walsh, Chair

Women and Gender Studies Program

Renae Bredin, Coordinator

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Marie Johnson, Dean
     Mark Filowitz, Associate Dean
     Colleen McDonough, Assistant Dean, Student Affairs

Biological Science Department

Sean Walker, Chair

Chemistry and Biochemistry Department

Peter de Lijser, Chair

Geological Sciences Department

Diane Clemens-Knott, Chair

Mathematics Department

Stephen Goode, Chair

Physics Department

James Feagin, Chair

Mihaylo College of Business and Economics

Morteza Rahmatian, Interim Dean
     Yi “Jenny” Zhang, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs and Student Success
Emeline Yong, Assistant Dean, Student Affairs

Accounting Department

Betty Chavis, Chair

Economics Department

Dipankar Purkayastha, Chair

Finance Department

Jing Yang, Chair

Information Systems and Decision Sciences Department

Bhushan Kapoor, Chair

Management Department

Gerard Beenen, Chair

Marketing Department

Sunil Thomas, Chair