Jul 24, 2021  
2013-2015 University Catalog 
2013-2015 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Executive Division

Mildred García, President

Ann Camp, Chief of Staff

Vacant, Financial Manager

Cheryl von Mirbach, Presidential Assistant

Sara Mouw, Receptionist

Sandy Quintero, Confidential Assistant

Leticia Stotler, Special Events Coordinator and University House Manager

Monique Shay, University Counsel

Danielle García, Assistant to the University Counsel

Academic Affairs

José Cruz, Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs

Davida Hopkins-Parham, Executive Assistant to the Provost/Vice President

Edward Sullivan, Assistant Vice President for Institutional Research and Analytical Studies

Lisa Kopecky, Assistant Vice President of Academic Operations and Finance

Jennifer Faust, Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs

Robin Graboyes, Director, Faculty Affairs and Records

Chris Renne, Director, Faculty Development Center

Enrollment Services/Admissions and Records

Nancy Dority, Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Services

Melissa Whatley, Registrar

Jessica Wagoner, Director of Admissions

Dawn Valencia, Director, University Outreach

Vacant, Director, Information Technology

Academic Programs

Dorota Huizinga, Associate Vice President, Graduate Programs and Research

Katherine Powers, Director, Graduate Studies

Linda Patton, Director, Extramural Funding Opportunities

Paulina Tagle, Director, Grants and Contracts

Tami Foy, Interim Director, Research Development

William Presch, Director, Desert Studies Consortium

Edgar Trotter, Acting Associate Vice President, Undergraduate Programs

Amy Cox-Peterson, Director, Center for Careers in Teaching

Bridget Driscoll, Director, Academic Advisement Center

Christina Goode, Coordinator, Health Professions Advising

Dawn Macy, Director, Center for Internships and Community Engagement

Deanna Merino-Contino, Director, President’s Scholars

Gerald Patton, Director, Assessment and Educational Effectiveness

Nancy Page Fernandez, Director, Freshman Programs

Susan Jacobsen, Director, University Honors Program

University Extended Education

Harry L. Norman, Associate Vice President, International Programs/Dean, University Extended Education

Sandy Wong, Manager, Administrative Manager to the Dean

Carol Creighton, Acting Associate Dean, Academic Programs

Larisa Brener, Manager, International Student Recruitment

Patsy Burns, Manager, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

Steven Chan, Director, Budget and Finance, and Student Services

Antonieta Bartter, Manager, Student Services

Echo Chang, Director, Self-Support Degree Programs

Sandeep Chopra, Assistant Director, Information Technology

Gregory Dyment, Director, Fullerton Arboretum

Rhona Genzel, Director, American Language Program

Kim Koenigsberger, Manager, International Student Recruitment and Retention

Margaret Luzzi, Director, University Extended Education Academic Advising

Karen McKinley, Director, Summer Session/Intersession/and Centralized Program Support

Mary Medico, Manager, UEE Communications

Christine Pircher-Barnes, Director, International Student Services

Dennis Robinson, Director, Distance Education/OASIS

Sally Starr, Director, Community Outreach and Workforce Strategy and Human Resources

Lay Tuan Tan, Director, International Programs

Shelly Wang, Manager, Program Development

Lisa Xue, Director, International Programs/Asia and International Outreach

Chuck Ritz, President, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute


Richard C. Pollard, University Librarian

Vacant, Associate University Librarian

Susan Tschabrun, Chair, Technical Services

Ron Rodriguez, Head, Access Library Services

Irvine Campus

Susan Cooper, Dean, Irvine Branch Campus

Van Muse, Associate Dean

Administration and Finance

Stephen G. Garcia, Interim Vice President for Administration and Finance/Chief Financial Officer

Vacant, Executive Assistant to the Vice President

Lupe Briseno, Confidential Assistant to the Vice President

William C. Barrett, Associate Vice President, Administration and Finance

Paulette Blumberg, Interim Associate Vice President for Administration and Finance

Laleh Graylee, Director, Analysis and Decision Support/Divisional Finance Management

Welson Badal, Director, Administration and Finance IT

Human Resources Services and Risk Management

Robert S. Foldesi, Interim Associate Vice President, Human Resources Services

John Beisner, Assistant Vice President Human Resources and Risk Management

Denise Johnson, Interim Assistant Vice President, Human Resources Operations

Blanca Rodriguez, Director, Payroll

Curtis Plotkin, Interim Director, Environmental Health and Safety

Elizabeth Castello, Manager, Labor Relations

Elda Moreno, Manager, Benefits

Phenicia McCullough, Manager, Employment

Maria Gonzalez, Manager, Classification and Compensation

Susan Leavy, Coordinator of Diversity and Equity

Auxiliary Services Corporation (ASC)

Frank Mumford, Executive Director/CEO, ASC and Housing Authority

Chuck Kissel, Associate Executive Director, ASC

Tariq Marji, Chief Financial Officer, ASC

James Alexander, Director, Property Development

Kimberly Ball, Director, Titan Shops

Anthony Lynch, Director, Campus Dining

Denise Bell, Director, Sponsored Programs

Rosario Borromeo, Director, Human Resources &Payroll

Mike Marcinkevicz, Director of Information Technology

Parking and Transportation

Joe Ferrer, Director, Parking and Transportation Services

Kristen Jasko, Manager, Parking Services

Charles Holt, Manager, Field Operations

Facilities Planning and Management

Jay W. Bond, Associate Vice President for Facilities Planning and Management

Kim Apel, Manager, Capital and Physical Planning

Tinnah Medina, Director, Capital Project Management

Willem H. van der Pol, Director, Facilities Operations


Brian Jenkins, Associate Vice President, Financial Services

May Wong, Executive Assistant to the Associate Vice President

Don Green, Director, Contracts and Procurement

Steven Yim, Controller/Interim Auditor

Sarah Song, Director, Budget Planning and Administration

University Police

Dennis DeMaio, Chief of University Police

John Brockie, Interim Captain

Scot Willey, Operations Lieutenant

Information Technology

Amir Dabirian, Vice President for Information Technology/Chief Information Technology Officer

Robin Crew, Executive Assistant to the Vice President, Information Technology and Divisional Human Resources Manager

Kerry Boyer, Senior Director of Information Technology and Information Security

Pam Drummond, Director, Information Technology and Centralized IT Purchasing

Afsaneh Hamedani, Assistant Director User Services/Call Center

Rommel Hidalgo, Assistant Vice President, IT/Director, Infrastructure Services

Terry Jarmon, Manager, IT Assets/Reprographics

Joe Luzzi, Associate Director, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Technical Services

Ken Ly, Senior Director of Development and Application Support

Mike Marcinkevicz, Auxiliaries Liaison for IT

Gladys Maldoon, Assistant Director User Services/TitanCard

Marci Payne, Project Management Officer

Wei Cheng Peng, Assistant Director, Infrastructure Services

Hector Ramirez, Assistant Director User Services/Deskside Support, Access and AVT

Christina Yanez, Acting Telecommunications Manager

Student Affairs

Berenecea Johnson Eanes, Vice President for Student Affairs

Ryan Alcantara, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs

Elahe Amani, Director, Technology Services for Student Affairs

Adriana Badillo, Project Director, GEAR UP

Meredith Basil, Associate Director of Athletics and Director, Athletic Academic Services

Mary Becerra, Interim Director, Women’s Center/Adult Re-Entry

Kurt Borsting, Director, Titan Student Union, Associated Students, Inc.

Gerald Bryant, Director, Ronald E. McNair Scholars Program

James Case, Director, Career Center

Melba Castro, Director, Educational Partnerships

Leo Cota, Project Director, Upward Bound

Carmen Curiel, Director, Multicultural Leadership Center

Steve DiTolla, Senior Associate Athletics Director

James Donovan, Director, Intercollegiate Athletics

David Forgues, Chief of Operations for Student Affairs

Sara Gamez, Director, Guardian Scholars Program

Leticia Gutierrez-Lopez, Director, Counseling and Psychological Services

Angel Hernandez, Project Director, Talent Search Program

Lea Jarnagin, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs

Fred Lipscomb, Director, Housing and Residence Life

Rachel Lynch, Interim Budget Manager

Larry Martin, Director, New Student Programs

Kandy Mink Salas, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs

Paul Miller, Director, Disabled Student Services

Jeremiah Moore, Associate Dean of Students

Anthony Ragazzo, Director, Leader and Program Development, Associated Students, Inc.

Juanita Razo Dueñas, Associate Dean of Students, Leadership and Multicultural Development Programs

Sandra Rhoten, Associate Dean of Students, Judicial Affairs

Fred Sanchez, Executive Director, Associated Students, Inc.

Cecilia Schouwe, Director, Financial Aid

Kathy Spofford, Director, Student Health and Counseling Center

Jenny Taylor, Director, Children’s Center, Associated Students, Inc.

Esiquio Uballe, Associate Dean of Students, Student Life

Alison Wittwer, Director, Student Recreation Center, Associated Students, Inc.

Rochelle Woods, Interim Director, Student Academic Services

Vacant, Dean of Students

University Advancement

Gregory J. Saks, Vice President for University Advancement

Tara Garcia, Executive Assistant to the Vice President and Division HR Coordinator

Theresa Davis, Associate Vice President, College and Program Development

Michele Cesca, Associate Vice President, Central Development and Major Events

Jeffrey D. Cook, Associate Vice President, Strategic Communications

Owen Holmes, Associate Vice President, Government Relations

Dianna Fisher, Executive Director, Alumni Relations

Ira Unterman, Assistant Vice President, Advancement Operations and CSUF Philanthropic Foundation Chief Financial Officer

College of the Arts

Joseph Arnold, Dean

James Taulli, Associate Dean

Andi Sims, Assistant Dean, Student Affairs

Visual Arts Department

Dana Lamb, Chair

Music Department

Marc Dickey, Chair

Theatre and Dance Department

Bruce Goodrich, Chair

College of Communications

William G. Briggs, Dean

Irene Matz, Associate Dean

Peggy Garcia Bockman, Assistant Dean, Student Affairs

Communications Department

Diane Witmer, Chair

Radio-TV-Film Department

Ed Fink, Chair

Human Communication Studies Department

John Reinard, Chair

College of Education

Claire C. Cavallaro, Dean

Karen Ivers, Associate Dean

Aimee Nelson, Assistant Dean, Student Affairs

Educational Leadership Department

Jennifer Goldstein, Chair

Elementary and Bilingual Education Department

Lisa Kirtman, Chair

Reading Department

Lisa Kirtman, Acting Chair

Secondary Education Department

Grace Cho, Chair

Special Education Department

Melinda Pierson, Chair

Instructional Design and Technology Program

JoAnn Carter-Wells, Coordinator

College of Engineering and Computer Science

Raman Menon Unnikrishnan, Dean

Susamma Barua, Associate Dean

Victor Delgado, Assistant Dean, Student Affairs

Computer Science Department

Shawn Wang, Chair

Civil and Environmental Engineering Department

Uksun Kim, Chair

Electrical Engineering Department

Mostafa Shiva, Chair

Mechanical Engineering Department

Roberta Rikli, Acting Chair

Computer Engineering Program

Susamma Barua, Coordinator

Environmental Engineering Program

Jeff Kuo, Coordinator

Software Engineering Program

Ning Chen, Coordinator

College of Health and Human Development

Shari McMahan, Dean

Kathy Koser, Associate Dean

Lea Beth Lewis, Assistant Dean, Student Affairs

Child and Adolescent Studies Department

Kari Knutson Miller, Chair

Counseling Department

Leah Brew, Chair

Health Science Department

Jessie Jones, Chair

Human Services Department

Mikel Hogan, Chair

Kinesiology Department

Bill Beam, Acting Chair

Military Science Program

Lt. Col. Kelley Donham, Coordinator

School of Nursing

Cindy Greenberg, Director

Social Work Department

David Chenot, Acting Chair

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Angela Della Volpe, Dean

Sheryl Fontaine, Associate Dean

Mitch Avila, Associate Dean

David McKenzie, Assistant Dean, Student Affairs

African American Studies Department

Alexandro Gradilla, Chair

American Studies Department

Jesse Battan, Chair

Anthropology Department

Vacant, Chair

Asian Studies Program

William Haddad, Coordinator

Asian American Studies Program

Eliza Noh, Coordinator

Chicana and Chicano Studies Department

Alexandro Gradilla, Chair

Comparative Religion Department

Paul Levesque, Chair

English, Comparative Literature and Linguistics Department

Lana Dalley, Acting Chair

Environmental Studies Program

John Bock, Coordinator

European Studies Program

Cora Granata, Coordinator

Geography Department

John Carroll, Chair

Gerontology Program

William Haddad, Coordinator

History Department

Jochen Burgtorf, Chair

Latin American Studies Program

Sandra Perez-Linggi, Coordinator

Liberal Studies Department

Jim Hofmann, Chair

Modern Languages and Literatures Department

Reyes Fidalgo, Chair

Philosophy Department

Heather Battaly, Chair

Politics, Administration and Justice Division

Stephen Stambough, Chair

Psychology Department

Jack Mearns, Chair

Sociology Department

Michael Perez, Chair

Women and Gender Studies Program

Rebecca Dolhinow, Coordinator

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Robert Koch, Acting Dean

Mark Filowitz, Associate Dean

Amy Mattern, Acting Assistant Dean, Student Affairs

Biological Science Department

Kathryn Dickson, Chair

Chemistry and Biochemistry Department

Christopher Meyer, Chair

Geological Sciences Department

Phil Armstrong, Chair

Mathematics Department

Stephen Goode, Chair

Physics Department

James Feagin, Chair

Mihaylo College of Business and Economics

Anil K. Puri, Dean

Morteza Rahmatian, Associate Dean, Academic Programs and Faculty Development

Kim Tarantino, Associate Dean, Administration

Triseinge Black, Assistant Dean, Academic Services

Emeline Yong, Assistant Dean, Student Affairs

Accounting Department

Betty Chavis, Chair

Economics Department

David Wong, Chair

Finance Department

Mark Stohs, Chair

Information Systems and Decision Sciences Department

Bhushan Kapoor, Chair

Management Department

Gus Manoochehri, Chair

Marketing Department

Irene Lange, Chair